Post-pandemic Fitness

How to get back to exercising after the pandemic.
Chelsea Gibbons
June 28, 2023
Post-pandemic Fitness

The COVID pandemic greatly disrupted all of our lives, and the last thing most of us were thinking about was exercise. It’s difficult to get back to our routines after such a big break, but it’s important to try to get back the progress we may have lost during that time.

Here’s some advice for getting back into exercising:

Start small — Don’t try to jump back into the same place you were at before the pandemic. Start with a lower weight and less time on your run, and build back up to your max.

Start fresh — Sometimes returning to the same gym or workout type after a long time away can feel like a regression. Try something you’ve never done before, for example, one of our CrossFit drop-in classes!

Be patient with yourself — Don’t expect to see results right away after you start working out again. Your body won’t be the same as it was before the pandemic, and that’s okay. Give yourself some time.

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