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9Aug, 2018

Finding Plant-Based Proteins for Your Workout

by Monica Petrucci You’ve probably noticed that your workouts alone are not sufficient in maintaining a healthy weight or overall lifestyle. Maintaining an active body is important, but you also have to make sure [...]

25Jul, 2018

CrossFit Jump Ropes: Finding Your Match

by Monica Petrucci Jumping rope is great for your health — from burning calories, to improving stamina and heart health. It does a lot for your body. In deciding to start jumping rope in [...]

11Jul, 2018

The Science of Nourishing an Active Lifestyle

by Monica Petrucci Let’s face it — eating is one of the most important parts of working out. Without the proper nutrients, your body won’t be able to perform well or get the results [...]

29Jun, 2018

Different CrossFit Workouts: Defined

By Monica Petrucci Sometimes workouts can be intimidating — especially when you don’t fully understand the jargon surrounding them. Learning the different types of CrossFit-style workouts will give you the confidence to tackle them. [...]