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15Aug, 2022

Types of stretches

What stretches should you do before vs after a workout? Before Dynamic stretching — Active movements that stretch the muscles to their full range of motion I.e High knees, butt kicks, lunges, leg swings [...]

8Aug, 2022

Don’t forget to stretch!

What are the benefits of stretching? Prepares your body for exercise — Stretching loosens your muscles and ligaments and increases blood flow to the body to help it get more oxygen during the workout. [...]

1Aug, 2022

Kids need fitness too!

Exercise is just as, if not more, beneficial for kids as it is for adults. It’s important for kids to be physically active in order to build strong muscles and bones, reduce their risk [...]

29Jul, 2022

Exercise and Mental Health

While exercise has numerous physical benefits, many people rave about regular exercising because of the way it makes them feel mentally. Exercise relieves stress, improves memory, improves sleep, and increases energy and self-esteem levels. [...]

27Jul, 2022

Why is CrossFit beneficial for Women?

Starting at a new gym can be difficult, and often more so for women. Many women feel self-conscious, especially when they are starting a new fitness routine. One reason that CF is so great [...]

25Jul, 2022

Are you nervous about trying CrossFit?

Starting anything new can be difficult, especially when it comes to exercising. The fear of judgement from others, feeling isolated compared to those around you and the fear of failure can all prevent someone [...]