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9Aug, 2018

Finding Plant-Based Proteins for Your Workout

by Monica Petrucci You’ve probably noticed that your workouts alone are not sufficient in maintaining a healthy weight or overall lifestyle. Maintaining an active body is important, but you also have to make sure [...]

25Jul, 2018

CrossFit Jump Ropes: Finding Your Match

by Monica Petrucci Jumping rope is great for your health — from burning calories, to improving stamina and heart health. It does a lot for your body. In deciding to start jumping rope in [...]

11Jul, 2018

The Science of Nourishing an Active Lifestyle

by Monica Petrucci Let’s face it — eating is one of the most important parts of working out. Without the proper nutrients, your body won’t be able to perform well or get the results [...]

29Jun, 2018

Different CrossFit Workouts: Defined

By Monica Petrucci Sometimes workouts can be intimidating — especially when you don’t fully understand the jargon surrounding them. Learning the different types of CrossFit-style workouts will give you the confidence to tackle them. [...]

13Jun, 2018

Drink Up! The Health Benefits of Hydration

by Monica Petrucci We all know drinking water is “good for us” but what does that really mean? Health benefits of water go beyond simply feeling hydrated; it aids a myriad of bodily functions. [...]