About CFE Fitness

CFE Fitness is a locally-owned, community-based gym with a mission to help each and every person achieve their own health, wellness and fitness goals.

Our coaches all started out training friends and family in our backyards, driveways, parks and anywhere else we could find. Many of us come from other sports, or no sports, and found our way to a CrossFit gym, tried it and haven’t looked back since. We truly enjoy coaching and every single “ah-ha” moment when one of our athletes reaches a new goal. Our community is amazing and we love every minute we spend with them.

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend and get started today!

Still not sure? Here are a few more reasons to give CFE a try:

  • Because you can! Work out because you love your body! Take care of your body instead of feeling guilty about not exercising.
  • Setting and achieving fitness goals can help you set and achieve goals outside of the gym.
  • Getting physically stronger can help you live longer.
  • Weight training and functional exercise affect our physical, cognitive and emotional health in positive ways.
  • Workouts make you happy. You’ll feel great after every workout. There is a lot of proof that exercise and your “happy” hormones are related.
  • Work out for, and with, your family and friends. Couples, friends and gym partners that workout together – stay together.
  • Strong is the new sexy. Who doesn’t appreciate a little sweat? Some muscle? Chalk marks on…hey, who didn’t clean up their chalk?

Ready to Join?

We’re Excited to Have You Join Our Supportive Community In Burlington.

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