The Weight Belt

Using the weight belt during CrossFit helps to maximize your workout and keep your body safe.
Monica Petrucci
June 28, 2023
The Weight Belt

Using a weightlifting belt during a workout can be useful in not only maximizing your workout benefits, but also in keeping your body safe during an intense exercise.

Weightlifting belts are helpful in increasing power, strength, and muscle growth. They help strengthen your core by increasing use of spinal erectors.

Choosing to wear a supportive belt during weightlifting can also help with breath control, a crucial component of a lifting workout. It can also reduce stress on the spine by encouraging your body to lift more with the legs rather than the back.

However, avoid using a weightlifting belt in certain circumstances: to mask an injury, during high repetition workouts, and during lifts with lighter loads. In this way, you can make sure you’re keeping your body safe while still getting the most out of your weightlifting exercises.

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