The 1-Rep Max

How to find it, and why you should.
Monica Petrucci
June 28, 2023
The 1-Rep Max

Finding your one-rep max (1RM) is essential for any CrossFit athlete. It’s something that will be useful in countless future workouts. So what is it and how do you find it?

One-rep max is defined as the heaviest weight you can lift once in an exercise. And although most exercises won’t require you to do such heavy lifting, you’ll need to know this number as a point of reference. For example, your coach might ask you to lift 60% of your 1RM in a workout.

There are plenty of online calculators available that can find your 1RM by using information about how many reps you can do with any amount of weight.

It’s important to keep track of your 1RM over time, as it might change. Knowing it will ensure you’re effectively improving and advancing as a CrossFit athlete.

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