Am I Too Old for CrossFit?

Don't let your age discourage you from trying CrossFit!
Monica Petrucci
April 25, 2023
Am I Too Old for CrossFit?

There is an overwhelming number of excuses that people make for themselves in order to avoid exercise or CrossFit—and age is definitely one of them. But that’s all it is, an excuse. The truth is that no one is too old to start CrossFit!

CrossFit is unique because every exercise can be altered to any fitness level. It might take older athletes longer to improve than younger athletes, but there are plenty of 40+ year olds with impressive numbers.

There are also plenty of reasons to start getting into it. Weightlifting had been proven to benefit the elderly in relieving arthritic pain, preventing bone damage, and improving walking in everyday life. CrossFit can extend the years of being functionally independent, as well as extend overall life expectancy.

It’s time to put those excuses aside and start working toward a healthier life!

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