Jump Ropes: Finding Your Match

How to find the best jump rope for your workout!
Monica Petrucci
June 28, 2023
Jump Ropes: Finding Your Match

Jumping rope is great for your health — from burning calories, to improving stamina and heart health. It does a lot for your body. In deciding to start jumping rope in workouts, you first need to consider the qualities of a good jump rope.

The length of the rope is crucial; it being too long will slow you down, while it being too short can result in misses. Handles should be lightweight, so as not to tire out your arms. And the cable itself should be of high quality.

The ideal weight of the rope is also important and will depend on the athlete; beginners will do better with a heavier rope, as a lighter one makes for a faster workout.

Finding the best rope for you will maximize your jump rope workouts!

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