Curvy girls bootcamp

Curvy Girls Bootcamp: curvy-licious fitness

Curvy Girls Bootcamp is a fun, full body, fat melting workout designed for curvier women who want to live a healthier lifestyle. Curvy sessions are month-to-month year round. (Check out our testimonials below!)

Each and every class is a different workout. Workouts include using weights (when you’re ready), body weight circuits, games, friendly competitions and much, much more! This class is a modified for the “curvier girl” to get you results in a safe and effective manner. Classes take place in our beautiful, clean studio. Plenty of free parking. Class size is limited.

If you are serious about becoming physically fit while maintaining your sexy, natural curves, this class is for you.

Curvy Girls Bootcamp is body positive and led by Coach Lori – a curvy girl coach.

From Coach Lori — This is NOT a CrossFit class! It’s a ladies-only-get-moving-together with motivating music and tons of support. No experience needed. If you did sports in college but nothing since, yes, this is for you too. If you go to the gym and feel intimidated or you just don’t know what to do, this is the class for you. I’ve been there and that’s why we need Curvy Girls classes. You will NOT feel out of place here. You WILL get in a workout & you CAN do this. All you need is a good sports bra and fresh sneakers. So, get yourself signed up and GO SHOP. I’ll be ready for you with a HOT playlist and lots of encouragement. Questions?

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June 6:00 PM

Start: June 6
Days: Mondays and Thursdays through 6/30
Time: 6:00pm–7:00pm
Cost: $149

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July 6:00 PM

Start: July 7
Days: Mondays and Thursdays through 7/28
Time: 6:00pm–7:00pm
Cost: $149

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June 7:00 PM

Start: June 6
Days: Mondays and Thursdays through 6/30
Time: 7:00pm–8:00pm
Cost: $149

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July 7:00 PM

Start: July 7
Days: Mondays and Thursdays through 7/28
Time: 7:00pm–8:00pm
Cost: $149

Try a Curvy Class

Still not sure? We offer a trial class so that you can give it a try and meet some of the other people in class. They will definitely give you the 4-1-1! Contact Coach Lori for more information about our trial class or any questions about Curvies!

Testimonials & Advice from the Curvies

I should have joined 3 months ago. I said this every class for the first month and now I’m starting month 4. And no, I’ve never stuck with an exercise class this long. I love our coach – she makes class fun and yeah, she works our butts off! Started January 2022!

Curvy Girl Kathy

Working from home has been great but not for my body. I haven’t moved this much in a long time and I feel better after every class. Started February 2022.

Curvy Girl Donna

It’s been ONE month. I made it! Before I started this class I was embarrassed and hopeless. I’d completely given up on myself over the years. I couldn’t even get off the couch without a struggle. I often needed help especially if I had to get up from the floor. Standing for more than a few minutes would cause my back, and sometimes, feet to hurt. I avoided social events and missed out on life because I didn’t have the energy or drive to be active.

In this past month at Curvy class, I have put my body through so many different types of movements. I push myself with the help of my instructor and classmates. By my third week I had managed to get myself off of the floor by myself and if that’s you too, you know how much that means to me. I have more energy and I am no longer hopeless or embarrassed. I’m motivated and it’s feels so good! I never ever ever thought I would be someone that feels comfortable in the gym and loves to go – but that is me now and I can’t wait for next month’s classes!

Curvy Girl Melissa

I had reached a plateau in my goal to get stronger on my own and the Curvy Girls has helped me overcome that in a fun way.  Coach Lori and the other ladies make class a comfortable, fun place to be the best you can.  I have always had knee and low back pain trying to do long workouts before, but with the adaptations I can push myself in a safe way.  In just a few classes I noticed myself getting stronger and can lift weight I never thought possible now!  Give it a try, I know I’m happy I did!!

Curvy Girl Sarah, after month 1
Before I started I – hated working out – going to gyms – joined many and then never went (but continued to pay) because I was going back – NOT.
I just finished my 3rd month and love going – I now hate to miss a class – It isn’t always easy to drag myself to Curvies after working all day BUT always feel like I accomplished something good for myself and feel better.
Curvy Girl Barb, after 3 months
Before I started I – was not active at all and worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up.
I just finished my 1st month and love going – I now hate to miss a class – It isn’t always easy, but I can already feel that I’m tighter and stronger!
Curvy Girl Angela, after 1 month

It’s the best class! The ladies are great and everyone talked to me (and helped me) from the second I got there. I was so nervous and almost didn’t get out of my car for the first class but it’s been the best thing that I have done for ME in a LONG time. Started March 2022

Curvy Girl Deb

This is a very unique class with a lovely bunch of ladies who are very supportive and make the class enjoyable. It is nice to have something to do with not going to office like we used to and the moves are effective!

Curvy Girl Pavani

When I signed up for Curvy Girls…I was not even thinking about the class. I decided that I was just going show up and do my best! I was in great shape 2 years ago but was a smoker. I quit smoking but for whatever reason I stopped exercising and here I am now about 80lbs heavier which is the heaviest I’ve ever been.  I am so uncomfortable and have not been able to commit to going anywhere because my confidence is so low but there was something about the name of your class and write-up that I said I can do this with these ladies and I just registered soooo here we are.  I am excited to start this with you! I will be ready to go on the first day of class!

After 3 months in Curvy class…Where do I start? Well, my yoga pants don’t roll under my belly anymore! I can reach my toes without an issue. I am not out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs. I can roll over in bed without grabbing on to something to pull myself up and over. I am so proud of myself for committing to this class every month and it is not about the scale even though I have lost approx. 15 lbs since I started I am definitely loosing inches because my body is totally changing. Am I where I want to be? No, but I am surely on my way!! The support from the other women in the gym and Coach Lori is amazing! I am pushed past my comfort zone in every class. I always feel challenged and when I leave I am always proud of myself! Priceless…..

Curvy Girl Erin, after 3 months

Before I started at CFE I was intimidated at the thought of entering a gym. I was nervous and wasn’t sure that I would make it through a class! Boy was I wrong! CFE is the most motivational and encouraging gym and being a Curvy was a great way to start up. Everyone is friendly, supportive and working towards their goals at their own pace. It is a challenging for all levels and I have felt immediate changes in my strength and confidence. I look forward to each workout and want to keep going to keep seeing results!!

I just finished my 1st month feeling empowered and motivated. I love that each workout is different and feel like I’m learning and working hard every time I walk into CFE. I highly recommend becoming a Curvy, you won’t regret it!!!

Curvy Girl Alicia, after 1 month

Before I started Curvy Girls, I was very much out of shape after several medical issues and then extreme weight loss. I just completed my first month and have signed up for my second month. I’m loving the transformation of gaining the muscle I lost as well as some much needed confidence. For anyone that feels that working out is intimidating, you don’t have that feeling here. Coach Lori works with all the ladies making them feel comfortable as well as modifying a workout for any specific physical issues you may have.

Curvy Girl Lynne, after 1 month

I signed up for Curvy Girl Bootcamp around New Years…I know…cliche.  The description is eye catching even if you are not looking for a class.  I am older, I have gained weight, and while I used to be fit, I haven’t worked out in a longtime and exercise has changed so much in the last few years. While I was looking to make healthy changes, it wasn’t without a lot of anxiety.

Fifteen minutes after I arrived at class, all anxiety and fear melted away.  The group was all ages, sizes with various fitness levels, from novice to those nearly ready to move to more advanced CrossFit classes that got their humble beginnings at a Curvy class. There is no competition or judgement.  Every Curvy team member…and the class truly becomes a team…is supportive and encouraging of each other.  You will leave class with a healthy tired, you sleep great and more importantly you carry the sense of confidence and empowerment with you all week.
What truly makes this class special is the coach…Lori Becker.  She designs the workout, she teaches you every move.  What happens next is what truly sets this class apart from the rest.  She tailors the exercises and moves to each person to accommodate any physical limitations or fitness limitations you may have.  Skills and intensity are built up over time.  Don’t get me wrong, this is a challenging class, you see results quickly and you are highly motivated to come back and achieve more.
Lori sends a welcoming email before you start letting you know what you need to do to be prepared for success and after class she gives advice on stretches and moves that will help alleviate soreness that is expected when acquiring new skills.  Lori truly wants every Curvy girl to succeed, she sees people as individuals.  She is invested in fitness, the class, and the community.
This class is not a one size fits all, cookie cutter style class.  All the staff at CFE are approachable and relatable adding to the already positive environment.  I am proud to say I am a Curvy.  This has been a very good start to the new decade and I highly recommend Lori, the CFE staff, and the Curvy Girl Bootcamp.
Curvy Girl Kim, after 2 months

CrossFit Exclamation – Burlington’s best kept secret for getting fit!