What the Heck is a WOD?

The WOD on the whiteboard changes everyday to help you reach your fitness goals.
Ellen Hatfield
June 29, 2023
What the Heck is a WOD?

Routine is the enemy in CrossFit, and to gain the most well-rounded fitness, the Workout of The Day (WOD) must vary every day. Our body must constantly be challenged to get more fit. CrossFit trains for what is called General Physical Preparedness (GPP), which helps you get fit for any adversity you face in your daily life, in and outside of the gym—“whether you need to pull yourself up onto a poolside, pick up a heavy bag of garden mulch, or run for your life out of a burning building.”

The WOD on the whiteboard changes everyday, and unless you are completing one of The Girls or The Heroes, it’s unlikely you will see the same WOD again. So, besides challenging your coach’s creativity, the WOD prepares the CrossFit athlete for any physical task that is thrown at them.

The possibilities of exercises in a WOD are infinite, and every movement has the potential to be modified, so even beginners and intermediate athletes can participate in the challenge and work toward advanced skills. Whether the WOD is scaled or not, you can always count on it being a challenge. Not only does it help you reach your fitness goals, but it keeps you coming back to gym, ready to face a new challenge every day.

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