Spicy-Roasted-Sweet-Potato-Kale-SaladOK, sure, sweet potatoes and kale.

This is an easier version of another salad that I usually make.

It looks good for Thanksgiving!

My favorite recipe for sweet potatoes and kale salad is from A Saucy Kitchen. I’ve excerpted the blog about this recipe below:

Did you know that there is actually a very distinct difference between the way American’s and Brits use the word “quite”? That difference being that they basically mean the opposite of each other. For example when I say that I quite like something it means that I really like it. When Mike says he quite likes something it means that he thinks something is just ok. Can you even imagine how many people I have confused over the years talking enthusiastically about something that I’m not too keen on? How many people I have possibly offended by saying that I quite enjoyed x or I quite liked y?

Language really is such a funny thing, but then again I would say this since I was an English major. Mike would of course point out that I was an American English major since American English and British English are basically different languages. I must say that I do agree with him to an extent – aside from the slight changes in spelling that you run into on occasion, there are times when it’s like we’re speaking another language. Don’t even get me started on the slang and banter….or should I say cheeky banter?

So when I say that this salad is quite delicious, make no mistake that I am using the American interpretation and saying that this salad is a m a z i n g. Ace. Scrummy. Brilliant.