she had a great workout! Here are a few words from Strong (Wo)man competitor and all-around cool-chick, Brittany:Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.48.42 PM

“Best CrossFit gym I have ever been to. Seriously and I hit a lot of gyms! Not only is the space open and the equipment is new but the trainers are very knowledgeable on optimal programming, nutrition, and power lifting. It’s also run in a very family- like community atmosphere. I attended the ‘Welcome Night’ workout and was pleased at how this wasn’t just run like any other box/gym. They were great about scaling and working with everyone together which is one of the most important aspects when trying to reach your fitness goals. Most impressionable was the CLEANLINESS of this gym, I am talking no dust, no mold, BREATHABLE, that doesn’t happen often!”*

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