Do you need some tips on maintaining your nutrition through the holiday season? We know it can be very had to stay focused. There is temptation everywhere! We found a great list of 5 tips from Barbell Shrugged Daily.

The article is excerpted below:

Pie? Not the Best Food for Maintaining Your Nutrition

The holidays are by far my favorite time of the year, mostly because gluttonous behavior is not only allowed, it’s celebrated!

I start off with consumption of my infamous Steaming Hot Apple Pie, which is actually a potion made with apple cider, freshly ground nutmeg and cinnamon, and plenty of quality dark spiced rum. Top that off with some fresh whipped heavy cream and you’ve got yourself a socially acceptable Christmas time breakfast. With a full rum belly I then burn most of my day glued horizontal to the couch with my eyes pinned on college football bowl games. This is my happy place.

You probably have a similar story, albeit with different preferences in vice and gluttony.

(Picture Credit: Barbell Shrugged)