We stumbled upon something pretty cool while looking for paleo recipes. It’s called PaleoExpress and it’s a special kind of vending machine. Instead of offering M&Ms, potato chips and Cheetos, it strictly vends fresh paleo snacks and healthy drinks.

The list of available snacks for the vending machine includes EPIC bars (which include 100 percent organic grass-fed beef, bison or lamb), Mammoth Bars, Paleo Treats Mustang Bars, RXBARs, Primal Pacs snack pouches, Simple Squares snack bars and Steve’s Paleo Stix.

The drinks include Amara fruit drinks, FitAID recovery drinks, Fuel for Fire drink pouches (in Mixed Berry, Banana Cocoa and Sweet Potato Apple) and Kill Cliff recovery drinks (in Berry Legit and Double Awesomeness). New products are being added all the time.

PaleoExpress calls itself “a venture born of frustration from living in nutritional deserts when on the move.” Their goal is to provide “an oasis of nourishment to anyone who seeks relief from the painful factory food options.”

As of April 2014, there were at least five PaleoExpress vending machines operating in CrossFit boxes in California. It’s not clear how widespread their vending machine locations are currently, but we are optimistic that more ideas like this will start picking up steam!

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