It can soothe broken hearts. It can be served at any meal of the day, in any snack, in any dessert. Some believe it is an anti-aging, heart-healthy, weight-slimming food. Conversely, others say it should be banned from being served at every school in the country. What is it? Chocolate.

The question of whether it is healthy or not isn’t so easy to answer. We’ll leave it to a favorite blog of ours, PaleoLeap, to explore the pros and cons of chocolate consumption.

Check out an excerpt below:

We all love to cheer every time there’s a new study out showing the health benefits of chocolate, but it’s a lot less exciting the next week when another study comes out showing exactly the opposite. And just skipping from headline to headline doesn’t give you the background knowledge to even understand what’s going on in any of them. So here’s a Paleo rundown of the pros and cons of chocolate.