Peace Out, Goat Problems

Goat problems?

When working on your goats, it’s important to focus in on one thing at a time. If you try to tackle too many goats at once, you’ll only end up frustrated and overwhelmed. Instead, by narrowing in on a practical, attainable goat, you can find success through hard work and perseverance.

Kiss those goats goodbye, check out this article! An excerpt is below:

So how do you choose which things to work on when you have so many? For starters, think back to the last time you were unable to perform a movement in a WOD at Rx, that wasn’t because the weight was too heavy (picking a weightlifting movement that challenges you because of technique or mobility is fine). Was it toes to bar?  Was it muscle ups? Whatever it was, that or a similar movement should be the movement you should be working on. The movement you choose should be practical and achievable. Practical in the sense that it’s a recurring movement in workouts. For example, while free-standing handstand pushups are certainly a cool party trick, it might be more practical to work on toes to bar or pull-ups, which appear more often in workouts. Keep it simple and go back to basics. Work on strict pull-ups or strict toes to bar. In fact, strict of anything makes for a great drill to improve any goat. In terms of selecting an achievable goat, make it a skill that you know you can achieve within a few months. For example, if you can’t do a pull-up, your goat you choose to work on should probably not be a muscle up. While you can still make more advanced skills your long term goal, work on smaller elements of that skill before you begin working on that skill. For example, in order to achieve a muscle up, one must master pull-ups and ring dips completely before even beginning to think about the muscle up.