Bacon Ornament for the CrossFit Obsessed

Click through to see the list for the CrossFit-obsessed person in your life, which includes knee high socks, a bacon ornament (pictured with the caption “Is your Christmas tree paleo?”), cookbooks, journals, and much more! We especially like the teeny tiny toy barbell!

If you or your CrossFit-obsessed buddy enjoyed that, click through BuzzFeed’s other CrossFit-related posts. There are some good ones, including an article about this 80-year-old woman who is CRUSHIN’ IT at CrossFit! Hip, knee, and rotator cuff replacements haven’t slowed Ms. Constance down one bit!

An excerpt from the CrossFit holiday list from BuzzFeed is below:

You’d be a jerk not to snatch these gifts for the PRetty special CrossFitter in your life. This roundup has everything you need to be someone’s fairy WODmother this holiday season.

1. Handmade ceramic kettlebell (to drink from)

What are you going to do, sip Bulletproof coffee not out of a kettlebell?