Testing Out of Fundamentals

Experienced CrossFitters who can demonstrate adequate form in the basic movements may choose test out of the Fundamentals program and jump right into group classes.

To test out and join classes immediately, you must fulfill the following criteria. Keep in mind our goal is for you to have the best CrossFit experience possible, to stay safe and move efficiently so you can reach your goals and have fun.

  1. Some previous CrossFit experience
  2. Show adequate form in the following movements:
    • Squat (Air squat, front squat, overhead squat)
    • Deadlift
    • Power Clean
    • Power Snatch
    • Kettlebell Swing
    • Strict Press
    • Pushpress

We are not looking for perfect movement; these can take a lifetime to perfect. The coach you test out with will have the discretion to decide if you can perform these movements safely.


Ready to Join?

We’re Excited to Have You Join Our CrossFit Community In Burlington.

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