On Jake’s first day in the gym, he didn’t have the strength to stand at the ski erg without his crutches, but now he can stand unassisted. Watch Jake’s progress here:

The following video is from CrossFit:

From Sitting to Standing in Three Months

"In three months working (with) Jake, the drive, determination, and joy on this kid's face brings a smile to my face every day. Video 1 is the first day Jake came in to the gym. We adapted the ski erg to sitting on box because he didn’t have the strength to stand without his crutches. Fast forward exactly three months and watch video 2!! If (you) don’t tear up a little watching him STAND UNASSISTED and use the ski erg you may have a problem! There is no quit or excuses in Jake. So proud of you little buddy! #cerebralpalsy Adaptive CrossFit"Via Barry Pepper, owner of CrossFit Port Royal Sound – Pepper Fitness

Posted by CrossFit on Monday, October 22, 2018