CFE’s First Timer’s Fitness Festival 3
The First Timer’s Fitness Festival is an event we put together to encourage Intermediate and Novice athletes who have wanted to compete but have been nervous to hit the competition floor. This is a great to get newer athletes and athletes who have never competed before to push themselves and discover the love of CrossFit Competition. We believe the competition aspect of Crossfit is one of the greatest motivators and will encourage your athletes to commit more than ever before to their fitness.

Cost: $75 (plus processing fees)* – T-Shirts for all who enter by 8/12/2019

Prizes to winners in each Division

Intermediate, Novice and Masters (40+) Divisions – Limited spots available in each division.

3 WODS plus a Floater for all

* Note: this Comp is not for you if you have competed in several CrossFit competitions in the past, you ranked highly in the 2019 Open WODS, and/or you RX all WODs at your box.  Standards and up-to-the-minute info is on our First Timer’s Fitness Festival 3 FaceBook Event Page

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Female Intermediate
Female Novice
Female Masters (40+)
Male Intermediate
Male Novice
Male Masters (40+)