What adds mass amounts of muscle, strengthens your core & can help you get a lot stronger? Deadlifts! At CFE, we will help you perfect them.

Why deadlifts?

Deadlifts are great to help strengthen and develop your lower back and hamstrings. Deadlifting will teach you the proper way to do everyday things like snow shoveling, picking up heavy boxes, moving furniture, etc. in a safe and effective way.  They also use movements and muscles you’ll utilize in other exercises in the gym. Problems with posture? Deadlifting can help with that too!

What are deadlifts?

The weight starts on the floor. You pull the bar up slowly from a squatting position, keeping a natural arch in your back, until you raise yourself to a standing position. Feet, hands, arms, hips, head, shoulders, back, breathing—every part of your body plays a role in your form. Our coaches will walk you through the details and help you every step of the way. We always focus on proper technique and form to keep you safe.


Ready to try deadlifting, or motivated to keep practicing your form? Let us help!