There’s never a bad time to find some more goodies to get sent to you in the mail

. . . especially when that something is a CrossFit monthly subscription box!

Previously we told you about some of the fitness-related subscriptions that might be of interest to the CrossFit community. Those aren’t the only type of subscription boxes available, however. There are also a variety of boxes available for those who are interested in vitamin supplements. There are even boxes for someone who looking to start those addictive fruit smoothies we keep hearing about!

CrossFit Monthly Subscription

  • ALOHA offers monthly superfood supplements! It includes daily nutrient packs, superfood powders, chocolate bars and snacks. $49/month.
  • Green Blender offers 5 new smoothie recipes each week and all the ingredients you need for 10 total smoothies. $49/week.
  • Farmivore offers pre-portioned ingredients for 8 large servings of juice per monthly box. $40/month.

We’ll let you know about another option for subscription boxes in the very-near future! Are you currently subscribing to any vitamin-supplement or smoothie monthly boxes? Let us know all about them in the comments below!