Sometimes, you just can’t beat sitting down with a magazine, leafing through the glossy pages. In a technology-crazed world, sometimes it’s just nice to hold something in your hands to read it! One of the best parts of being a CrossFitter in 2016 is that the community continues to grow, bringing magazines and journals with it! All of the CrossFit magazines below also have sites full of content and, in most cases, digital downloads of their issues (for a fee).

Here are some of our favorites:CrossFit Magazines stack

  • The Box. This magazine serves to educate, motivate and advocate. Each issue comes with articles about improving form, supplements, a Workout of the Month, competition updates and much more. The circulation rate is about 100,000, including direct-mail to more than 3,400 CrossFit locations nationwide. From my research, The Box is easily the most popular CrossFit-related magazine on the market. Each print copy is $5.99.
  • WOD Talk. This magazine discusses the CrossFit Games, current competitors, how to improve technique and healthy tips. Their aim is to promote “living a healthy lifestyle through functional fitness.” Each print copy is $7.
  • Sweat RX. The first and only Canadian CrossFit platform as of January 2016, this magazine is focused on five subjects: food, fitness, health, nutrition and training. A 6-issue subscription is $48/year. An affiliate subscription of five copies per issue is $120/year.
  • BoxLife Magazine. This publication seeks to both motivate and educate CrossFitters. Articles cover technique, injury prevention and recovery, success stories and upcoming events. This bi-monthly magazine offers a variety of subscription options, a single issue for $5.50, a one-year subscription for $28 total and a bulk order (50 copies of the current issue) for $36.

This blog rates the best and worst fitness magazines of 2015. BoxLife Magazine actually came in toward the top of the list with a score of 7.5/10. The blogger, Russell Berger, felt that the CrossFit lifestyle magazine “provides useful training and nutrition information.”

Even higher rated was The Box, with a score of 9/10. Berger felt it was a “refreshing return to the basics.” Even more so, ‘with a minimal amount of fluff and a relatively strong focus on functional movement, variance, and intensity, The Box gets our highest score.”

Do you subscribe to any CrossFit or health magazines? What’s your favorite?