What is Lite & Who is it for?

Are you new to cross-training? Do you like the idea of it, but you’re not sure about all of the heavy lifting? Our CFE Lite class is for you! This class bridges the gap between beginner classes/Couch and regular classes. We’ll focus more on technique and conditioning and less on heavy weights. Barbell use will be very limited and never heavy.

Our Lite program uses constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements to achieve amazing results. How is it different from CrossFit? Lite classes are a little faster paced with a focus on metabolic conditioning using scaled down weights and body weight movements. Expect a sweaty and fun workout – just a little lighter!

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Couch & Beginner Class Graduates:

If you’ve graduated from C2CF or our beginner classes, this class is the perfect fit. We will have more time for technique and the focus will be on bodyweight movements. Don’t worry, we will be using dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment to maximize your fitness and make this a super fun class!

Coming back after time off:

If you’re coming back from an extended time away from the gym, give this class a try. The movements and programming will give you a great feel for the intensity of CrossFit without the complexity and the heavy lifting. It’s a great way to brush up on the basics in safe way.

Regular CFE Members:

If you’ve been doing our regular classes and are looking for a little change of pace, then this class might be the class for you.


CrossFit Lite

When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Time: 7:00 PM


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