We’re a social group. We mix and mingle especially when we have down time during lifts but when we’re in “the zone” funny things happen. Here are a few tips to help us all get through zone time and be great wod partners!

An excerpt from Breaking Muscle is below:

A CrossFit box is, without question, a community. A place to be social, mix and mingle, enjoy the company of others, and generally spend time with your gym family. But, ultimately, it’s a place to train. And sometimes, a lack of situational awareness can impede that ability or, at the least, make it frustrating. We’ve seen a lot of writing about box etiquette that has to do with making chalk messes and cleaning up your DNA, putting away weights, and so on, but this top 5 list is brought to you by the Gym Etiquette Situational Awareness Council (GESAC).

1. Respect the Platform

When someone is on a platform, it’s sacred space. There are certain things that should never, ever happen when someone is on a platform lifting – not only for safety reasons, but for common courtesy.

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