If you haven’t met some of our great staff, what are you waiting for! Learn more about 5 great people from our talented team below.

Meet Coach LoriLori
Specializes in Mobility, Gymnastics
Lori is a former marathon cyclist with experience in gymnastics, swimming, yoga and dancing. She was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 and is both owner and a coach at CFE. Lori is our resident mobility maven and is a certified Level 1, Level 2, Kids, Gymnastics and Mobility Trainer. Her passion is working with newcomers in our Couch to CrossFit program.




Meet Coach JimJim
Specializes in Strength & Conditioning, Spartan Training
From serving in the Army to a career in ironworking, Jim’s led a life of fitness and adventure. For 25+ years, Jim weight-trained and boxed, until he discovered CrossFit in 2010. Jim has run 10+ Tough Mudder and Spartan-style obstacle races. He has a passion for Hero WODs, veterans, and helping clients of all ages, especially beginners.




Meet Coach TimTim
Specializes in Functional Fitness
Tim’s background involves just about every sport you can think of. Today, he’s all about Olympic weightlifting. He joined CrossFit in 2013 and has since grown into a fun and knowledgeable coach. Tim is a 5-time Tough Mudder Finisher and was recently a USAW American Open Series Qualifier.





Meet Coach BrianBrian
Specializes in Powerlifting, Functional Fitness
Brian grew up with mixed martial arts, but found a new passion in CrossFit 10 years ago. He really enjoys coaching CrossFit and seeing the progress that our members make. He is also a competitive powerlifter and holds various Strongest Man titles.





Specializes in Couch to CrossFit, Marketing
Martika began CrossFit in 2016 when she entered our Couch to CrossFit program. An outgoing, energetic person both inside and outside of the gym, Martika can often be seen cheering on the class and consulting with new members and businesses in the area.

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